Components you can trust

We manufacture components and parts for motors, machines and devices by processing sheet metal and metal.

Often the customer’s product is part of a bigger whole, the reliable functionality of which is extremely important for both people and even the whole of society. A ship must be able to weather ocean storms, airport equipment must function safely, and a power plant must produce continuous energy. We are proud that we can be a part of this chain of manufacturers and therefore treat our daily work with the required level of accuracy and seriousness.

Our clientele is comprised of global companies operating in the energy, machine-building and automotive industries – companies that demand superior operability of their products. Our personnel have over 20 years of practical experience in working closely with these leading industry manufacturers in their respective fields. We have grown and developed alongside these forerunners. In order to maintain our competitive edge, we are constantly improving our manufacturing technologies, work methods and expertise.

Each member of our sales team and management has practical expertise in our production technology. That is why we are able to give advice on the quickest ways of manufacturing a product or even recommend product changes that bring cost savings.