Sheet metal products

We make distribution transformer structures, casings for electrical devices, fan covers for electric motors, mounting plates, brackets and various parts for industrial machines and vehicles out of sheet metal


We manufacture different sheet metal products by cutting, edging, riveting, pressing and welding the metal. The products we make using a bending machine and press follow the customer’s designs faithfully. The method of manufacture is chosen based on what is the most sensible, practical and cost-effective way in terms of the end product’s quality requirements. Due to our diverse machine and machining-centre base, and having a clientele from many different industries, we are in the position to be able to sometimes suggest a different manufacturing method from that which was originally planned. By changing the manufacturing method, we can shorten production time, cut down on the number of work phases or secondary machining steps and improve dimensional accuracy.


With these actions, we can influence either the price of the product or the overall profitability. We also provide diverse laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking services (2D or 3D cuts and welds). Additionally, we offer micro welding and cutting services performed with a pulse laser machining centre.


We are a contract manufacturer for several large industrial companies. This is why we make large annual materials purchases and thus gain a considerable price advantage for our customers.


Occasionally, businesses face situations where a single product or batch must be made in a way that differs from the rest of the delivery. In these situations we are well-prepared and happy to serve our customers according to their wishes.


Our sheet metal product expert is Asko Heikkinen. Please don’t hesitate to call us – we are happy to help!

Contact person

Asko Heikkinen

Technical Manager
tel. +358 40 735 3806
email: asko.heikkinen(a)


  • distribution transformer structures
  • electrical cabinets
  • casings for electrical devices
  • fan covers for electric motors
  • mounting plates
  • brackets
  • parts for industrial machines and vehicles
  • façade elements
  • corrugated shells
  • cooling units

Processing methods:

  • punching machines
  • laser cutting
  • edging
  • laser welding
  • riveting
  • PEM-riveting
  • bold welding
  • TOX riveting (riveting without rivets)
  • sheet metal, heavy welding and tubular structures
  • spot welding
  • pressing
  • powder coating and other surface treatments
  • casing structures