An effective and trusted partner of local, global companies


We manufacture components for our clients’ motors, machines and devices by processing sheet metal and metal. Oftentimes the customer’s product is part of a bigger whole – the reliable functionality of which is extremely important for both people and even the whole society. A ship must be able to weather ocean storms, airport equipment must function safely, and a power plant must produce continuous energy. We are proud that we can be a part of this chain of manufacturers and therefore treat our daily work with the required level of accuracy and seriousness.


Our company’s basic philosophy actually comes down to three simple things: we do our work exactly according to the instructions given to us and we document what we do. The materials can be traced and work stages can be checked. Well instructed jobs are easy to carry out and the workers have a clear understanding what is required of them and why. This means the quality remains the same – as it was originally agreed upon with the client.


Second, we are continuously developing our manufacturing technology and working methods. We invest in the flow of materials and work to eliminate any unnecessary work. That is why we know what the different stages of work cost and how long the manufacturing takes. The client has the opportunity to see how the price is formed.
For us, this method is a way to do work profitably and according to schedule. This also affects the overall profitability of our products, which, in the long run, is essential for the end client.


Third, we want to grow into being the leading manufacturer. That translates into continuous development of our expertise and company growth. In addition to the aforementioned, it also requires enthusiasm and motivation to keep on going when everything doesn’t go as planned. You can rest assure that, like the people of Ostrobothnia, we as an Ostrobothnian company won’t give up when faced with challenges.