Press parts

Press parts


Press or punch – to us it’s the same. We produce large product ranges profitably!

Pressing is a quick and cost efficient manufacturing method that enables cutting and shaping the product to its final form right away, if necessary. Pressing enables the production of large ranges profitably. Pressing can even be much more affordable than manufacturing with a punching machine or a laser cutter. Our factory has a wide range of machines; presses between 40-400 tons. Depending on the machine, the capacity ranges between 25-120 punches per minute. We press products directly from the coil or by first making a blank with the punching machine and then pressing it into form. The width of the slit coils range all the way up to 500 mm. The size of the biggest platen is 1400*2400 mm. We are also in close cooperation with a die manufacturer located nearby, so we know a lot of useful things about designing, producing and testing dies.


Our services include storing our clients’ dies in our storage facilities. We see to it that they are in the best shape all the time. We also make sure the dies are taken to be serviced on time – either to be polished or repaired, if needed. This means we take care of the overall coordination of manufacturing and die maintenance on behalf of the client.


Our pressing expert is Asko Heikkinen. Contact us for more information!

Contact person

Asko Heikkinen

Technical Manager
tel. +358 40 735 3806
email: asko.heikkinen(a)


All mass produced sheet-metal products, such as:
– rotor hub plates
– stator plates
– automotive industry parts, such as baffles
– pass-throughs
– furnishing
– brackets