Rotors and stators

Rotors and stators


Manufacturing rotor and stator hub cores, winding and maintenance for ABB Group globally

We manufacture rotor and stator parts for ABB’s companies around the world. Our factory was originally part of ABB. Now, under the ownership of VAMM Steel, we continue the manufacturing carefully according to ABB’s requirements and specifications.


We have decades-long in-house experience and expertise in rotor and stator part fabrication. In practice, this means we manufacture and supervise the manufacturing process and quality according to strictly defined rules. The materials are traceable according to their smelting number. We draft up measurement reports for each hub separately. The quality of the materials is checked and marked in the report, as is all required information from the designs. The reports list even the smallest details – from the quality of welding materials to the qualification of the welder, machine calibration and even tape quality. We conduct all necessary tests on our products, such as short-circuit, fault to frame and turn-to-turn fault tests.


The products we manufacture are used in demanding circumstances; in Azipod motors, generators and other motors. These motors and generators run machines, ships and power plants that are required to have operational reliability. A ship must be able to weather ocean storms, airport equipment must function safely, and a power plant must produce continuous energy. We are proud that we can be a part of this chain of manufacturers and therefore treat our daily work with the required level of accuracy and seriousness.


When you’re looking for a rotor or stator manufacturer for your ABB company, contact Vesa Tammela. We’ll tell you more about how we can begin our cooperation.

Contact person

Vesa Tammela
puh. +358 50 373 1822
email: vesa.tammela(a)


  • Iron hubs
  • Star hubs
  • Winding

Maintenance service:

  • We manufacture, repair or maintenance spare hubs for rotors.

Uses for stators and rotors

  • Power plants
  • Ships
  • Steel plants
  • Oil rigs
  • Oil refineries
  • Mines
  • Wind Power

Processing methods

  • Eccentric press
  • Laser cutting
  • Assembly
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Soldering
  • Swaging
  • Finishing
  • Winding