Welding and machining welded products

Welding and machining welded products


Dimensionally accurate part fabrication by machining welded products
Dimensional accuracy is extremely important for some fabricated parts. When products that demand dimensional accuracy are welded, the heat changes the metal’s composition and produces stretches, among other things. This is when the product has to be machined after the welding. For this reason, we have invested in machines with which we can work the welded parts. By doing so, we can avoid any unnecessary repairs and rework.
By machining only after welding, we make sure that the sizes of the holes, level attributes and perpendicularity are correct with millimetre accuracy.
We even machine products over 4 metres long. Our existing machine base is complemented by our cooperative partners who are located in the same facility. This is why we can offer part fabrication where the product doesn’t have to be unnecessarily transferred between subcontractors far apart from each other. This also saves time and money and enhances the security of supply. When welding, we use Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), and each welder has valid welding classifications (separately for each product). We follow the welding standard EN 3834-2.


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Contact person

Vesa Tammela
tel. +358 50 373 1822
email: vesa.tammela(a)vammsteel.fi


  • aluminium
  • stainless and acid resistant steel
  • Steels

Welding methods

  • TIG-welding
  • MIG/MAG welding
  • Curved soldering
  • Solders


    X=0           +1600
    Y=+150     +1150
    Z=+250     +1250


  • PLATEN: Palette 800×1000


  • MTE BF4200 X=4000 Y=1000 Z=1000


  • PLATEN SIZE 4200×1000