Assembly work and system deliveries

System deliveries and assembly work


Focus on your core expertise – we’ll focus on the system deliveries and assembly


Our goal is to grow the number of system deliveries in our production. That is why we are constantly investing in product automation and systematically bettering the material flow with work study. With the help of our production services and method planning, we search for the best manufacturing methods that benefit both our clients and ourselves.


We take care of the entire delivery when it comes to system deliveries. We administer all of the logistics for the system to be delivered, commit the capital on behalf of our client and deliver the products directly to the end client. System delivery is a carefree practice for our clients.


Assembly can be the first step to system delivery. We carry out the mechanical assembly and deliver the products either to the client or to the end client, as agreed. Our assembly work is usually related to such products for which we make most of the parts ourselves. Typical assembly works are, for example, putting together sheet metal cabinets and structures including their required parts, such as rubber flanges, pass-throughs, copper rails and filters. Additionally, we can offer painting services and the bagging of different small equipment.


Transferring the assembly to a subcontractor gives the client a chance to focus on their own core expertise. If the client has us manufacturing certain parts, we can also save on the extra transport costs and time if we can avoid relocating the product to a separate assembler.


If you want to focus on your core expertise, leave the assembly to us. Ask more information from our assembly work coordinator, Asko Heikkinen.


Your contact information

Asko Heikkinen

Technical Manager
tel. +358 40 735 3806
email: asko.heikkinen(a)

Assembly work

  • Cabinets
  • Cartridge assembly
  • bagging
  • rail troughs
  • distribution cabinets
  • welding assemblies
  • assemblies by riveting with different joining methods

System supplier

  • method planning and production services
  • part fabrication, machining and welding
  • assembly and testing
  • total supplies
  • our own network
  • subcontracting
  • logistics administration