Testing services for dies

Die testing services


Shorten the manufacturing time of a die – have it tested close to your business


A new die is always tested before it is used in production. By testing the die, we make sure it is operational and the piece to be manufactured follows the plans. Despite proper designs, a new die has to be occasionally reset or altered.


If the client is located far away from the die manufacturer, it is both quicker and more profitable to test the die closer to the manufacturer.


The die is installed to the presser and it can be used to produce multiple pieces, a first press or approval runs. If the end client is located in, for example, Europe, the time and cost savings are considerable if the die has to be altered many times over to establish the final settings.


Our company has, among other things, presses ranging from 40-400 tons. The platen of the biggest machine is 1400×2400 mm.


For more information about our testing services, contact Asko Heikkinen.

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