VAMM Steel has a new web site


“Industrial companies often get asked what it is they manufacture or what can they manufacture. The reason behind renewing the VAMM Steel website was to tell as concretely as possible what kind of products we are able to manufacture and what kind of services we offer,” tells the CEO of VAMM Steel Vesa Tammela.

The contents of the website have been crystallised in a way that the substance is clear also for someone who is not an expert. According to Tammela, it is also vital that the reader can easily find the contact person they are looking for. “The way people operate and their expertise are among the most important competitive factors. We wanted to communicate these core talents of ours as clearly as possible in words and images.”

The content for the website renewal was provided by Hienosäätö Oy/Herea Oy. Technical implementation was carried out by WebAula.