VAMM Steel continues the production of sheet metal components, rotors and stators, and system deliveries in Strömberg Park in Vaasa

VAMM Steel was founded in January 2015. The factory’s key persons bought In Cap’s sheet metal and stator and rotor production. “We have the know-how and we believe in this,” comments VAMM Steel CEO Vesa Tammela. Decades-long experience and the expertise of talented and professional workers of working with sheet metal and manufacturing rotors and stators also joined the new company. VAMM Steel’s clients are comprised of several global companies or companies operating in global markets, such as ABB.


“In practice, experience means the following: products that are made according to the client’s specifications, have the agreed quality and are manufactured at a competitive price. We manufacture and supervise the manufacturing processes and quality according to strict quality guidelines,” says Vesa. The company was audited on both quality and environmental issues according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in February 2015. The employees have all of the valid and necessary classifications for, for example, welding. According to Tammela, supervision and compliance with instructions keeps the quality at the agreed level and minimises any production anomalies. “A concrete example: we don’t even change the material of the tapes without permission. We manufacture parts for machines and equipment, and they have to be as operationally reliable as possible. Changing even a small thing can cause a chain reaction which causes trouble. We believe that doing things as was agreed is the most beneficial way for overall profitability – for both our client and ourselves.”


VAMM Steel believes in automation and bettering productivity with the help of results gained from work studies. “It is our job to choose or design the best way to manufacture a product for our client. We carry out continuous work studies with which we can minimise any unnecessary work and have prompt material and work flow,” tells VAMM Steel Chief Development Officer Mika Ikola. “An essential part of this business is to know how to increase the productivity yourself,” sums up Ikola, who has years of experience in work study and factory layout changes.


The goal is to grow and develop in the business alongside our international clients. “The continuous development of quality and methods in cooperation with our clients is one of our most important priorities. In our view, it is the best way to become one of the best and create long-lasting customer relationships,” adds Vesa.