Work study and production development

Work study and production development

Attain considerably better productivity with the help of work study and changes made based on the results

From efficient to even more efficient

The purpose of work study is to better work productivity. And, based on the study results, we can additionally develop such things as product quality, working conditions, the use of tools, ergonomics, and so on. In addition to people, work study can measure machines’ running time and downtime, as well as the efficiency of tools. With a work study, the work community can better understand its existing working practices and develop them in accordance with the set objectives.


As a method of work study we use time studies. In this method, each operation has been given a standard time in which the operation should be accomplished. Thus, when carrying out the work study, it is meaningless how quickly the test subject performs different work stages. The important thing is that the job description includes a detailed report of the different stages. By doing so, we end up with a performance time a seasoned employee spends when working at normal speed.


Based on our experience, we can state that the changes made based on work study reduces the time spent on work tasks by 20-50 % on average in such companies where work study has not been carried out before. This translates into considerable annual savings.


We’ve carried out several workstation and factory layout plans along the years. On the basis of our experience, we can identify some of the things that are in need of change just by going through the process once. Also our employees oftentimes have the right kind of ideas on how to develop the process. By bettering the functionality of the workplace, the ergonomics is improved as well. This reduces the amount of unnecessary sick leaves, and many times work motivation also grows once the workstation becomes more meaningful.



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